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Title: Think of the Children
Author: [personal profile] kradam_12321
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~11,000
Disclaimer: These are real people, therefore not mine. This never happened.
Warnings: N/A
Prompt: For this prompt for Round 13: Bonds.
Beta: The wonderful chelseafrew, over at LJ. Any remaining mistakes are most definitely mine.
Notes: This prompt was so much fun to write!! Hope you enjoy it, and comments are much appreciated. :-)
Summary: After a major falling out, Kris and Adam are both booked to perform at the telethon for Feed the Children. Avoiding each other seems like the best option, until an anonymous donor offers five million dollars if they can stay handcuffed together for a week. Simon, of course, thinks it's a wonderful idea.

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Fanfiction by Author: [info]kradam_12321

Notes: The fics here are in order from most recently published first to oldest last. Links go to LJ. All story chapters are linked on the first chapter's original post, except in the cases of OD&L and TF, ICU, which redirect to their respective chapter lists. Warnings are dealt with at the top of the individual chapters.



This Fire, It Consumes Us
Rating: NC-17, Length: 22,000+, Kradam: AU, Complete
Summary: Kristopher Allen, a simple farm worker, wants nothing more than to return home to his mother in England. But, when he is hired by the royal family, he finds himself trapped in a seductive game of none other than Adam Lambert, heir to the throne. Tired of Kristopher's resistance, the Prince proposes a high-stakes bet--one that Kristopher cannot refuse.


Lay My Hands On Heaven
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 1600+, Kradam, Adam/Sauli
Summary: Tension is still heavy in the air, but a late-night collision might just prove to be Adam and Kris' breaking point. Sequel to the below.

Take Me Under
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 2200+. Kradam, Adam/Sauli, Bittersweet
Summary: During a visit to Adam's house, Kris gets a taste of what could have been.


In a Darkened Room
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 3600+, Kradam: AU, Modern-Day Slavery, Abuse
Summary: Kris spends one last night with his father's slave, Adam, joining him in the middle of the night. Kris is leaving his parent's house at last, but one catastrophic event could serve to change his life forever. Sequel to the below. Sequel to the below.

Along this Dark and (Not-So) Lonely Road
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 3,800+, Kradam: AU, Modern-Day Slavery, Abuse
Summary: Adam Lambert, a young slave, has been juggled between masters for 18 long years. Defiant and ultimately alone, his only solace is in the company of his current owner's son, Kris. 


Infect Me With Your Love (Fill Me With Your Poison)

Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 13,000+, Kradam: AU, Angels/Demons, Mating
Summary: In the City of Angels, Adam and Tommy are called to lead in the protection of mortals--but a chance encounter with one of the damned leaves Adam reeling, his mating instinct awakened. Beta'ed by[info]chelseafrew.


Of Darkness and Light
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 77,000+, Kradam: AU, Complete, Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Sex.
Summary:  Adam Lambert, a young L.A. musician, lost his sight in a car wreck that also took the life of his lover. Now, two years later, he has finally put that dark time in his past-- but how will he cope when his new personal assistant, Kris Allen, unknowingly brings it all bubbling back to the surface? Series beta-ed by the fabulous [info]chelseafrew.

I Can't Quit You Baby: Series

Teenage Dream
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 600+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Melancholy, smutty locker room schenanigans.
Summary:  In which Adam Lambert is the captain of the football team, and Kris Allen is really, really fucked.


Down Low
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 1,300+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Beneath-the-bleachers smut.
Summary:  In which Adam Lambert wins a football game, and Kris Allen finds himself making out underneath the bleachers.


Since I've Been Loving You
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 2,200+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Classroom desk!sex.
Summary:  In which Kris Allen finds more than he'd bargained for in an empty classroom, and Adam Lambert ends up feeling just a little bit vulnerable.


Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 4200+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Sweet!sex.
Summary: In which Adam Lambert rescues a familiar someone from the rain, and Kris Allen finds out the star quarterback can sing.


Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 3,600+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Angst and Sex.
Summary: In which Adam Lambert defends his boy, and a few important words are finally said.


Now Or Never
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length, 5600+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Angst and Sex.
Summary: In which Adam Lambert slogs through the worst kind of attention, and Kris Allen holds on to his man.


Epilogue (The Journey Begins)
Rating: R, Slash, Length: 2700+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Fluff.
Summary: In which Adam Lambert has a surprise, and Kris Allen asks the dreaded "after graduation" question.

Parts 3-5 & 7 betaed by [info]chelseafrew.


The Camp: Parts 1 & 2
Rating: NC-17, Slash, Length: 7,700+, Kradam: Medieval AU, Complete, Angst, Knights and Fluff.
Summary:  Adam listened to what was to be his task, stomach sickly flipping. The disgrace of King Neil Allen, through Kristopher-- the boy that still lingered, like a sweet shadow, in his mind-- will need to be final.


Echoes of You
Rating: R, Slash, Length: 5,000+, Kradam: Ghost AU, One-Shot, Sadness, Ghosts and Love.
Summary:  "Don't listen to them," she said, dismissively flipping a wrist. "They fancy every house in the county over fifteen years old 'haunted.'"
"It's fine with me," Kris said, looking out over the lawn. "I don't really believe in ghosts, anyway."


It's Always Been You: Series
Rating: NC-17, Length: 10,000+, Kradam: Highschool AU, Complete, Fluff, Cuteness, some Angst.
Summary:  Adam's move to Conway leaves him feeling lost-- but Kris Allen, a fellow classmate, might just turn out to be everything he'd been missing.

Part One: Freshman Year

Part Two: Sophomore Year

Part Three: Junior Year

Part Four: Senior Year


Only Yours: Parts 1 & 2
Rating: NC-17, Length: 10,600+, Kradam: Prostitute/Homeless AU, Complete, Fluff, Angst in high amounts.
Summary:  Kris Allen is a paid escort to a wealthy club-owner--but what will he do when he runs into a beautiful, newly-homeless man from his past, and falling in love becomes a very real possibility?


Such Unlikely Lovers: Parts 1 & 2
Rating: NC-17, Length: 7,000+, Kradam: Alien AU, Complete, Sweetness, Angst and Discovery.
Summary:  Kris was suddenly looking into an incredibly, almost unnaturally gorgeous face, framed by thick, black hair. He caught sight of icy blue eyes and slitted, cat-like pupils before they hazed over and slid shut. Oh. He was...


Just For One Night: Parts 1-6
Rating: R, Length: 6,500+, Kradam/Bradam: American Idol Fic, Complete, Fluff, Angst and Infidelity.
Summary:  Adam really could not believe he was having this conversation. With Kris Allen.


I'm Done With Subtlety
Rating: R, Length: 1,400+, Kradam: American Idol Fic, Complete, Angst, Established Relationship.
Summmary:  This wasn't the first time they had had this conversation, but Adam's voice had never been laced with exasperated rage, as it was now.


More Than Kinda Perfect
Rating: NC-17, Length: 3,300+, Kradam: American Idol Fic, Complete, Sex and Fluff.
Summary:  Kris is finally, completely ready. Memories of how they truly became 'Kradam' resurface.


A/N: So, there it is. Hope you enjoy! :3


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